In this case, talk to a piece of networking hardware. Im going to incorporate your info to first post.. At the end is how to start ftpserver on Dos. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Almost every old machine can use floppy disks or the serial port for data transfer and for a machine that is rarely used that is all you need. In read is this info: Setup is a bit cumbersome, check every option and edit setting often to set, computer name, workgroup name and installed protocols most important is to add TCPIP protocol.

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The good news is that networking adapters and equipment is as inexpensive as it will ever get, and most machines running DOS can easily make use of used equipment that people are just throwing away.

Setup is a bit cumbersome, check every option and edit setting often to set, computer name, workgroup name and installed protocols most important is to add TCPIP protocol. MS Client installation files download. Packet drivers are usually specific to a particular model of Ethernet device. Next to do is expand fancy word for older data extraction 2 files from extracted package. If you are moving folders within the same disk be carefill about permissions.

Autodetect and install radeon graphics drivers for windows sos radeon graphics and processors with radeon graphics only. As a result, networking applications generally included code to talk to a few specific models of network adapters directly.


Unfortunately, no WiFi support yet, but should be doable and this remains on my research interests. I like to have thing done and rebooting because of lack of networking, sucks, im not patient guy.

Free forum by Nabble. Yeah you even can post to Vogons from Dos machine. Im using both, for me Linux has advantage that boot usually fine, when i using some temporary testing hardware, otherwise its equivalent of Windows explorer sucks regardless of distro i prefer MintMidnight commander vs.

On a private network this is not much of an issue.

Set up a DOS VM with networking (and shared folders).

There is a lot of software out there for networking using a packet driver and there are already a lot of resources on the Internet that describe those resources. Samba access to Windows shares often not working without reasonable error message at least out of box, make some Remote desktop or Desktop sharing, its more work than on Windows. MS client Full more info: The 3Com 3C based adapters are good choices. If you know what Active Directory is then think of this as a Domain, but basically its a central database of users and what they are allowed to access.

A notable exception was LapLink by Traveling Software.

FreeDOS – User – about install freeDOS over vmware

I have tried this broadcom B57xx ODI driver from http: Older driver versions selected the irq at boot time. The software allowed the computers to move files back and forth. If i rollback the driver from the vmware accelerated driver to just the amd pcnet driver it allows me to install the client but it does not report back to the ghost console.


Also added some more questions. The default protocol is NWlink and that should do.

DOS TCP/IP Networking with Packet Drivers

Its working fine with Basic redictor version too. Surprisingly centos 7 does not install the network i.

There is also info, that NET view is not working across machines at least if settings recommended by this tutorial, but its only view thing, net use is working fine and that is what is need for sharing. For machines without slots or where you want a temporary solution I would use a parallel-port to Ethernet adapter. I have problem that i start Win98 – i log only in computer, so i have am and second login is network one. You need to know computername hostnameconnection through ip address is not supported!

The knowledge must flow! Last modified 5 years ago. Im multiboot and much modern HW as possible guyso im trying to push this aspect, in this thread too, my thread about X58 machine for Dosmainly aimed to Sound cards testing with modern ods My Drivers and Utils package for pure Dos – in included Dos Packet drivers for lots of cards and mTCP, some NIC config batch files etc.