Last edited by capthook; at I’ve been trying to do this with no success. Electroman67 , Jun 7, Page created in 0. November 26, , Hi Keith, So to resume: Login or Sign Up.

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The time now is I had a multi FX 15 years ago and really did not like it. This Digitech sounds adio, is rather musical, and the clean patches make me want to mess around with sounds and try new tunes, the moderate overdrives not so much, and the heavy overdrives not at all.

That is also why I never bought a modelling amp, too many settings. Login or Sign Up. Yes digitecy USB should be fine for you.

I have an m-audio audiophile sound card in the computer with RCA outs that go to a mixer and then to a stereo amp and stereo speakers. I’d imagine he’ll post here in a day or two once he reads this.

You will get too much latency with others through the digitech. This issue started about a month ago and it seems to only get worse.

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Help FAQs Go to top. GiufmaJun 10, Even the built in drum machine, which I digitrch would be too rinky-dink, actually has some feel to it and does help with practicing, so it’s a useful feature. Ill double check my setup. So unless your want to do a lot! This unit is going back for an exchange.


I just couldn’t believe that Digitech would cost-cut something as essential as an RF filter on the unit, so I tried one more time before sending it back. I want to record, I plug my guitar, hit record, and that’s digiteech the box. Keeping the RP off the floor stopped the clicks entirely! Although I had to do some tweaking with it to get it to work.

Using Digitech RP as interface to record using reaper+AT3? | My Les Paul Forum

Hey dwerlin, nice playing – I listened several times, couldn’t hear the difference. You always have too many settings and even as a teenager with a lot of time on my hands I never had the patience to deal with it. GiufmaJun 7, Do you already have an account? If anyone could help I’d be much thankful.

Most other pods skimp on this part I’m looking at you Line6 — you and your grungy converters and you can tell the difference in quality with this Digitech processor. If you go into Mixcraft’s Sound Device preferences, click Open Mixer and increase the latency setting, does that help?


Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this?

I know I could program the RP sigitech have the two settings side by side, and stomp it on, stomp it off. No, create an account now. There is no such output on the nighttrain unfortunately but I have a phone out output on my VR I can’t set up the audio device setting in Reaper to record from the USB connect and listen to audio from Reaper at the same time.

Using Digitech RP as interface to record using reaper+AT3?

So I’m guessing you’re pretty happy with the RP’s bypass mode s? Use the effects in your digitech and use reaper. Hi Keith, So to resume: I get the odd click coming through it and i am inclined to believe it is mains related as my amp when plugged in on its own has done the same thing.

ASIO also gives you the ability to tune your system to optimise the latency.