We are too but one thing we do know is that success in the desknote industry can mean big bucks. The significant values of note are the values on the first column, which defines the possible values for the performance window. Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. Maybe you can create a review in the future. Tips may work on previous versions of Ubuntu, but testing would be necessary to confirm their effectiveness. Not only has ECS expanded their lineup but rumors of some major notebook manufacturers entering the market have been floating around for some time now and for a good reason: This page shows how Ubuntu 5.

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That is no small feat, being that ECS desknnote one of the top five motherboard producers in the world in terms of volume.

The following command can be used to display the current settings and status: However the side effects, like larger binary size, affects everything.

Thanks and more power! Take mobile processors for example.

These operations are enumerated in depth in the following sections. Valid values range from 0 to 8 where a setting of 8 turns off the extensions. This could have alot to do with it. To set the performance flag using the longrun utility, the following command can be used: So compiling a system with -O3 will have the effect that a few applications run slightly faster at the expense of the rest of the system running slightly slower and becoming less responsive.


I would also enable GNU Hashstyles across the system; I’ve used them for a week now and nothing has conked out yet. Unsupported Version This article applies to an unsupported version of Ubuntu. Intel’s mobile version of the Pentium 4 1.

See above for information about installing required packages and loaded device drivers.

ECS i-Buddie XP Athlon XP 2100+

I’d bump it up if it isn’t 2. What version Glibc are you using? Page History Login to edit.

Building a mobile computer out of desktop components helps the deskknote of a system quite dramatically. Tue Jan 09, ECS, for example, recently announced x530 the profit from their desknote system sales has eclipsed their profit from motherboard sales. To verify the results, the settings are printed: So if you have a high-end system, you will suffer less from the problems associated with -O3.

Setting the performance mode flag Long Run CPU’s have different performance mode flags, which can be set using the -f option of the longrun utility.

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CPUID device driver MSR device driver longrun package available from the universe repository The first two device drivers may be loaded from the default Ubuntu dexknote Linux kernel by issuing the following commands from the terminal or the shell: Partners Support Community Ubuntu.


In cases where there are more than one Long Run-capable processor in the system, each one gets a cpu id.

Definition The official definition from http: Setting thermal extension settings. A manufacturer can modify a desktop motherboard, pop in a desktop processor, desktop memory, and use deskonte desktop chipset to create a desknote system at a fraction of the price of a full-fledged notebook.

Curious as to how much these puppies cost to produce? Instructions for running the longrun utility a5300 also included. The difference between this notebook and the i-Buddie 4?

What version GCC are you using? It has been about a month since we first took a look at what happens when a desktop and a notebook merge. Sat Jan 13, 4: It allows processors to use power on demand to increase performance.

Linux caches regularly used programs and files in RAM that’s the “cache” part when you run free -m on the command lineso the program may only need loading from the hard disk once depending on the program and computer usage.