Two Truly Independent Channels: The line out is not very nice as other reviews around the net have noted , but as a front end, it beats the Mesa V2 I had for a long time hands down. This is also an ideal position for moderately high Gain with low noise. The other reason is that regardless of my personal opinion, I believe that the Blackbird has objectively good qualities that set it apart from most pedals. The KoT’s versatility is in the DIP switches, but by experimenting with different tubes, you can get the gain range you want within one gain knob on the Tube Drive. While I sometimes enjoy a brighter and more full-range sound, I generally find myself keeping the Presence off as the Treble knobs can add a sufficient brightness if I need it.

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Effectrode Blackbird SR Review – Best Pre-Amp Pedal?

This takes a bit of the over the top distortion down. Did your favorite delay pedal make the list? I purchased the Black Bird BB pedal several months back. Some effects switchers also allow amp control functions. Anyway, I hope this helps. Perhaps I have indeed acquired a greater ability to discern vx tones from bad, as subjective as we may assume good tone to be.


Tell us in the comments! The Effectrode Blackbird is in a class of its own when it comes to real all-tube preamp pedals.

This mode has efrectrode complexity and richness. No, create an account now. Background noise is relatively low around this area, too, and the sound is tight and punchy.

Read our Ableton Live review. RoynessMay 19, Minstrel, Jester, Jouster and even low gain Page. Click Here for full info.

ToneIsKing55Jul 15, Here are the 20 best delay pedals available in The Blaxendall of the Tube Drive vs the Fender-esque tone shaping of the Blackbird does make a considerable audible difference. The Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal offers an innovative design that inspires new ways of playing guitar.

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The tube swapping capability of the Tube Drive is awesome as well. The tones were excellent, certainly gig-worthy. Home Forums Recent Posts.

The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. A using the original s moulds.

The Blackbird sounds like my blackface Fender to a remarkable degree. TubevalvemaniacJul 24, The Strymon Deco is a masterpiece in execution when it comes to replicating dual reel-to-reel tape effects. One thing about your review though: Never one to stand still for long, Effectrode recently introduced a new version of its best-selling SR preamp and a mouth-watering new product, the Leveling Amplifier.


Gabriel Tanaka Filed Under: The line out is not very nice as other reviews around the net have notedbut as a front end, it beats the Mesa V2 I had for a long time hands down.

New stocks of Effectrode Blackbird Tube Preamps have arrived. – Tone Proshop

The Effectrode pedals are warm and transparent. I also think active tone control on the Tube Drive combined with its bass and bright switches give it even more versatility.

I also found myself really enjoying the normal gain side in boost mode, dialled in with a bit of grit, but that still lacked a something a cooking amp, which I can’t have at home. KoT is not same league it is also different and I’ll sell it.