Storport Miniport Driver Version 2. Offloads are disabled for specific ports or applications with netsh. The entire process of packetizing the data, processing the incoming data acknowledgements, and potentially retransmitting any lost data is handled by the hardware. To see all the makekit options, type: It is specified as a text string using the same format as is used when displaying the files property sheet. This means that AutoPilot Installer will have its own command prompt window and cannot access others. The Setup Status window is displayed.

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The driver has issued a task management command for the indicated SCSI device address.

To install the ElxPlus driver from the desktop: Utilities This folder contains files necessary to install HBAnyware and the driver utility: Select “Install from a list or specific location Advanced “. Emulex provides this manual “as is” without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but emhlex limited to the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Records the final results and closes the report file. The Progress window is displayed. Discovers adapters and records the adapter inventory in the report file.


The configuration file is typically located in: See Software Configuration Parameters on page for more information. This prevents the IP address lease from expiring. Double-click the driver kit installer or run it from a command line.

Storport Miniport Driver |

This returns all adapter and driver settings to the default values listed in this manual. Experiment with all relative CPU affinities to find the best combination. For adujnct installation option, the default installation location for that option is displayed. Driver Kit Installer Command Line Parameters You can pass command line parameters to the AutoPilot Installer, yet still have it run automatically by the driver kit, if you run the driver kit installer from a command prompt or script.

We cannot be held liable More information.

Check the peer device for errors. Choose one of three options: This higher memory bandwidth leads to better network performance. All rights reserved If this documentation includes advice or information relating to any matter other than More information.

Increase this value in stages: Click OK in this window.

To remove the adjunct driver registry settings: Familiarizing yourself with AutoPilot Installer configuration options. To install the utility: Errors are classified as severe, malfunction or command level. The error log entry immediately following this entry will indicate the session ID of the target that lost the connection.


Emulex Drivers for Windows User Manual FC and FCoE version NIC version iscsi version – PDF

If you are supplying options via the command line, you must run AutoPilot Installer from the command line. A link up event was received. For a value of 0, only targets can be discovered and mapped. This option is recommended when:. The driver location can be storort local disk or a network shared drive.

Emulex Drivers for Windows User Manual FC and FCoE version NIC version iscsi version

Select ‘Arbitrated Loop’ when directly connected to the array no fibre switch. The location may be a local hard drive or a network share. See also Message Double-click the adapter from which you want to remove the Storport Miniport driver.