See the output of nvidia-settings -q all for information on which target types can be used with which attributes. This will also report the valid values for the attribute. If this is the exact location, the ‘use-gtk2’ option is ignored. This system wide file is typically here: Use ‘–preserve-busid’ or ‘–no-pre- serve-busid’ to force the BusID to be preserved or not pre- served, overriding the default behavior.

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Licensing The source code to nvidia-settings is released as GPL. Attributes can be addressed through “target types”.

Skip site navigation 1 Skip section navigation 2 Header And Logo. Specify ‘list’ to list the attribute names without a descriptions. If this is the exact location, the ‘use-gtk2’ option is ignored.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

Setting this option will enable the X driver to use the system events in some cases when it is waiting for the hardware. Values such as brightness and mvidia, XVideo attributes, temperature, and OpenGL settings can be queried and configured via nvidia-settings. The –query option can be used to query the current value of attributes. Skip site navigation 1 Skip section navigation 2 Header And Logo. If this option is not specified, the first Server Layout in the X configuration file is used.

FreeBSD Display Driver – x64

When nvidia-settings exits, it feebsd the current settings from the X server and saves them to the configuration file. You can specify a different configuration file name with the –config command line option.


Set this option to freebsf to prevent the X driver from attempting to connect to acpid. You can run nvidia-settings –query all for a complete list of avail- able attributes, what the current value is, what values are valid for the attribute, and through which target types e.

Use this option to override what nvidia-xconfig detects. See the output of nvidia-settings –query screens –query gpus –query framelocks –query vcs –query gvis –query fans –query thermalsensors –query svps –query dpys for lists of targets for each target type. This type of backup is made by nvidia-xconfig before it modifies an X configuration file that it has not previously touched; this is assumed to be an X configuration file that pre- dates the involvement of the NVIDIA X driver.

Layout of the nvidia-settings GUI 2. The simplest, most common, and least secure mechanism to do this is to use ‘xhost’ to allow access from the computer on which you are running nvidia-settings. By default, ‘deprecations’ is set. This option forces stereo flipping even when no stereo drawables are visible.

For fan control set it to 4. A target type indicates the object that is queried when you query an attribute.

Command Line Interface nvidia-settings has a rich command line interface: If multiple feeebsd ments are made to the same attribute or to multiple attributes with dependencies, then the later assignments will have priority. The –post-tree -T option can be used to print the new config- uration to standard out in tree form instead. Assignments are processed in the order they are entered on the command line.


FreeBSD Graphics Driver Archive | NVIDIA

Valid values are ‘none’ do not print status messages’errors’ print error messages’deprecations’ print error and deprecation mes- sages’warnings’ print error, deprecation, and warning mes- sagesand ‘all’ print error, deprecation, warning and other informational messages. Default value is nvixia. If the X screen is not specified, then ferebsd assignment is made to all X screens. If you know what you are doing and want config file attributes to be qualified with an X Display, check the “Include X Display Names in the Config File” option on the nvidia-settings Configuration page.


A target specification is contained within brackets and may consist of a target type name, a colon, and the target id.

X Display Names in the Config File 6.

When nvidia-settings starts, it reads the current settings from its configuration file and sends those settings to the X server. Effectively, this option just causes the configuration to be printed to stdout as a tree instead of writing the results to file. While nvidia-xconfig can attempt to infer these values, it mvidia best to use your Unix distribution’s X config file for the basis of anything that nvidia-xconfig creates.

Note, however, nidia you will need to have X permissions configured such that you can establish an X connection from the computer on which you are running nvidia-settings stravinsky.