To view or print publications, you will need access to Adobe Acrobat Reader 3. The operator console consists of an IBM color monitor and a touch-screen input device. Preprinted or blank fanfold forms, roll feed paper, some labelsv. The image on the photoconductor in the print engines is erased after each print cycle. A developer cart is automatically shipped with each ‘Additional CCD’ feature that is ordered. When Toner Supply Low appears, printing operations continue and you may add toner.

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You may want to spread papers on the floor under the developer inlet to catch spills.

IBM InfoPrint 4000 – 324 IPM Continuous Forms Printer

Preprinted or blank fanfold forms, roll feed paper, some labelsv. The ability to attach post-processing equipment feature numbers and allows additional input and output capabilities. The following items are available from IBM and are included in the price of the printer if a parallel channel attachment feature number is specified: An operator alert facility that includes a flashing light and an audible alarm with volume control is located on top of a pedestal that is mounted to the top of the AFCCU or PUM.

When the CSE option is enabled, all jobs sent to the printer print 2-up, side-by-side except when: The approximate average yields are not a warranty or guarantee of minimum life and are provided to assist in initial supplies planning. For each additional control unit up to a maximum of eight control unitsthis measurement is reduced by 4.



Print contrast control allows the operator to adjust print darkness. The font is oriented for printing at print time.

OCR and Bar Codes: Infoprint Toner Information All Colours: This message always appears with the Add Toner message and after the fourth time you press the Toner Supply Push Button following a change of the toner collector.

One container per carton Minimum order quantity: When a printer runs low on a supply item, it displays a status message on the touchscreen, sounds an alarm and turns on the operator alert light on top of the printer. The printing system also features a MICR test font with outline characters that you can use to ensure that MICR applications are developed safely without loss of font security. Mail orders within the U.

Do not switch power off to the printer during this procedure. No tool kit is shipped with the printers.

It is also capable of using fonts downloaded from a host system via PSF. Supplies are purchase-only items. No Mid-Range System Option: This allows for bolder-looking print without using extra toner, and for darker solid areas without filling in the fine white details.

It is the operators responsibility to determine if the CCD installed matches the application being run.

A drum return plan has been implemented to ensure the used drums are returned to the manufacturer. Additionally, there is an auxiliary control panel on the left side front of each engine. Temperature and Humidity Ranges Temperature: Security, Auditability, and Control Security and auditability features of this product are as follows: Data cannot be read back into the host processor using the available channel commands.


However, if you believe you are due a warranty return, you should return the supply in its original package or a package from the replacement supply to your point of purchase with an explanation of the problem, a print sample, and the approximate feet run on the supply.

CSE can be used whenever the desired output is two pages of equal size, side-by-side on the same sheet.

IBM InfoPrint – IPM Continuous Forms Printer

Add impact to your statements by highlighting important information in colour. MICR is not supported in tractorless pinless mode. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative. If you get toner on your clothes, gently brush or blow it off.

The customer is responsible for ordering and maintaining an adequate stock of supplies. You must change the toner collector after you have added four bottles of toner to the printer to prevent over filling the toner collector.