Install this repository to the target system so that it can be used after reboot. Disable GPG key verification. This is optional but at least one of the options needs to be used if no timezone is specified. Configures the X Window System. Verify your video card supported resolution sizes ie x, x, etc Verify, if using VMWare, your video card chosen supported resolution sizes ie. This is primarily intended to make it easier to use the clearpart and ignoredisk commands in large storage environments.

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Changed in version Fedora8. This option allows fully automated installation even in the error case. If you need to use a driver disk with kickstart, specify the dd option as well. The main volume is not mounted or used directly in this example — only the root and home subvolumes:. In contrast with autopartthis command only creates platform-specific partitions and leaves the rest of the drive empty, allowing you to create a custom layout.


Do not install packages from weak dependencies. This is a string of various system-specific fields separated by a comma. You can specify a device to be activated in any of the following ways: The password that corresponds with the username specified for the initiator.

IPv4 address for the interface.

Kickstart File Summary

This installation method can support the use of a single kickstart file to install Fedora or Red Hat Enterprise Linux on multiple machines, making it ideal for network and system administrators. Instead, do the following: This is especially useful in large storage environments.

Deprecated since version Fedora9. Do NOT use a comma-separated format such as —trust eth0, eth1. Requesting one module more than once with different streams or not specifying a stream name for a module without a default stream will result in an error. Specify the passphrase to use when encrypting this logical volume.

Install this repository to the target system so that it can be used after reboot. The method of IPv4 configuration.

Modular kickstart

If not provided, anaconda will use the VNC default. Removed in version Fedora4. Install from the NFS server specified.


The partition will be used for LVM. Only one of these two options may be given at any one time. Name given to the volume group. Tells the logical volume to grow to fill available space if anyor up to the maximum size setting.

Location where the RAID file system is mounted. It can be useful when activating additional devices in installer using –activate option. Only relevant if –escrowcert is specified. If a group with the given name or GID already exists, this command will fail.

New in version RedHatEnterpriseLinux6. If the given label is already in use by another filesystem, a new label will be created. Available values are stppriorityforward-delayhello-timemax-ageand ageing-time. Configurations on interfaces that implement a hardware DCBX client should not use it.

If the name contains kickstadt dot.